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Business Services
Zarkatech is committed to helping your business make the most of what technology has to offer. For years, large corporations have been using technology as a means to increase efficiency, boost productivity, and broaden sales. Unfortunately, smaller companies have largely been denied access to this technology due to high costs or the lack of dedicated resources.

Providing technology solutions
for all your business needs.

Working as your technology partner, Zarkatech helps identify aspects of your business that might benefit from technology and provides cost-effective resources and affordable alternatives for the very same technology used by enterprise business.  And as your company grows, Zarkatech will be there with expert advice, comprehensive services, and managed solutions for all your business needs.
Local & Wide Area Networks
  High-speed Internet
Wireless (Wi-Fi)
Web Hosting & Email
Remote Access & VPN
File & Printer Sharing
Managed Business Centers
  Purchasing & Vendor Negotiations
  Support Plans & Service Level Agreements
Voice & Telephony
  Document Imaging

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